Zoli Pendant & Earrings

Zoli Pendant and Earrings - Beading Tutorial
Hey there, beady friends!

Another beading project from me! I’ve finally tried the new Zoliduo bead. I only had a small package of them, as I only bought enough to try them out. Because of their shape, I thought they would look nice around a bezelled stone, so that’s what I did.

The pattern works with one side zoliduos (either one). However, you could use both sides (one side per earring) and make a pair of specular earrings. 🙂

The component is quite easy and fast to do, so if you’re in search of ideas for the Christmas gifts, this is one you should consider: I’m sure they’d be very appreciated gifts.  🙂

To go to the tutorial page, click on the picture.

Happy beading! ❤

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