TUTORIAL Zoli Pendant & Earrings

ZoliDuo beads beading pattern.

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Easy and fast to make earrings and/or pendant made with the new Zoliduo beads.
This pattern works with one side zoliduos (either one). However, you could use both sides (one side per earring) and make a pair of specular earrings.

Project level suitable for advanced beginning beaders and on. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Supplies needed for a pendant and a pair of earrings – divide per three if you want to know the quantity needed for a single component (colors are provided in the tutorial):

(0,3g) 15/0 Miyuki round seed beads
(1,5g) 11/0 Miyuki round seed beads
(36) 8/0 Miyuki round seed beads
(36) 8x5mm Zoliduo beads – any one side
(72) 3mm Swarovski bicones
(3) 14mm Swarovski rivolis
Size 12 beading needle
Size 6lb Fireline beading thread, Smoke

A pair of ear wires in bronze or gold tone, for the earrings;
Chain, ribbon or other, in the desired lenght, and its relative clasp and jump rings, to hang the pendant.

Pendant diameter a little over an inch, not including the loop.